Getting a girlfriend can happen pretty fast: often in just a couple weeks if you follow these girlfriend activation system main points.  But just because she says yes to a second date doesn’t mean you’re dating exclusively, so don’t jump the gun and start calling her your girlfriend just yet.

Couple Enjoying A Great Date OutdoorsSure, she’s awesome.  She’s pretty.  She’s funny.  She’s smart and cool as hell.  You like her a lot because she’s like no other woman you have ever met.  But jumping the gun too soon can be a huge turn-off.

It’s never a good idea to pin all your hopes on just one girl right from the get-go.  She shouldn’t pin all her hopes on you, either.  When this happens too early in a relationship, it becomes a huge turn-off because it makes you come across as desperate, needy, and “clingy”.  And I don’t think I have to tell you that none of those create attraction.

Dating exclusively is a big deal. Sure, you might not be moving in together or doing anything crazy, but you need to make sure you’re ready before you make that kind of commitment to someone.  If she’s amazing, you might feel ready by the second date, but you’re not.  Trust me.  If she likes you, then you’ve got time.  Don’t rush it.

Here are some simple tips and guidelines to keep the relationship from getting too serious, too fast:

Don’t stop dating other women, and assume she’s dating other guys, too. Until you’re actually in a committed relationship, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with going on dates with more than one woman.  In fact, it can make you much more attractive to the girl you want when other women also find you desirable.

Use this time to do some self-reflection and really figure out how you feel about her. Are you just feeling desperate to get a girlfriend? Are you only interested in her because you feel like your options are limited?   Are you settling because you don’t want to be alone?  Or do you really, really like this girl because she’s totally awesome and makes you feel amazing when you’re with her?

Keep the first few dates fun and casual. There will be time for deep conversation later.  Focus on having fun and making her feel good rather than on starting up a “relationship”.

Getting a woman to say yes to a second date always feels amazing, especially when you really like her.  But remember, that doesn’t make her your girlfriend.  In fact, she may not even know if she really likes you that much yet.  It just means you didn’t screw things up on the first date, and that means you’re off to a great start.

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